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Fantastic Island in tropical paradise

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Bali, a destination to discover a paradise

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A beautiful beach in paradise. Image:
Everyone needs a break in life, not just work, do business or just looking for money. If you already have enough money, then you need to invest for your mind and soul, then you need a few days or even more than one week for vacation.

Discover the last paradise on this planet. Bali is the most unique destination for your dream answer to enjoy the beauty of heaven.

Do you already have plans for a vacation this year? I suggest you to enjoy a real vacation in Bali. Discover Bali and enjoy wonderful vacation and fantastic adventure in paradise. Bali is a beautiful tropical paradise. Bali visited by millions of tourists not only for its natural beauty, but more because of its unique traditions, art and culture. Bali is located in South East Asia, between the island of Java and Lombok Island.

Barong Dance

Bali is a fantastic island. You can enjoy the nature, food, art and culture. So, don’t forget to attend a great Balinese performance. The Barong Dance is one of the Barong dance in Bali, Balinese danceBalinese beautiful dances, funny plus actions and very attractive.

"Lord of the forest" and magical protector of Balinese villages, the Barong is a mythical, shaggy half-dog, half-lion creature,awith long mane, fantastic fangs, and bulging eyes. It is propelled by two men who maneuver the costume with whimsical and mischievous movements to express its fun-loving nature.

Barong's opponent is Rangda, the evil witch who rules over the spirits of Darkness.

The Barong dance epitomizes the eternal struggle between good and evil. The fight of Barong and Rangda is also a topic of traditional narratives performed in temples and takes various forms. The Barong will snap its jaws at the gamelan, prancearound a bit, and enjoy the acclaim of its supporters - a group of kris-wielding men. Then ferocious Rangda will then appear lolling her long tongue, baring her threatening fangs, her neck draped with human entrails...not a pretty sight.

The duel begins. Each opponent tries to overcome the other with magical powers but when things do not look too good for the Barong, supporters will lunge at Rangda with krises to weaken or stall her. In retaliation, Rangda would put them all into a trance with her mystical powers and make them stab themselves with their weapons.

Fortunately, the Barong possesses magic that is strong enough to cast a spell on the krises from harming the men. This part Balinese dance, Bali dancer, Balinese artbe the highlight of the dance; the gamelan rings madly and intensely as the men rush back and forth waving their krises in frenzy, sometimes even rolling on the ground in a desperate attempt to stab themselves.

Often, there seems to be a plot to terrify the audience in the front row! Eventually, Rangda will retire, defeated. And once again, good will reign over evil. See the magic of Bali now. Book your hotel and ticket to your travel agent.

Bali is always great for holiday and hideaway.