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Amazing Holiday in Cuba

Salsa in Cuba, holiday in Cuba, historical site, Fidel Castro, cigar, cuban coffee, night life, scuba diving
Let’s Salsa, an exotic dance in Cuba. Image:
Cuba is one of the exotic countries in the world. The island is the largest in the Caribbean, rich in both colonial history and more modern events including the rise to power of General Castro and the exploits of Che Guevara.  Cuba is a famous country in politics, also thumb-thick cigars, Ernest Hemingway, Gloria Estevan, rum, salsa, Che Guevara in his black beret, and Cadillac’s that sag on their suspension in the streets are just a few of the icons of this emblematic place.
Salsa in Cuba, holiday in Cuba, historical site, Fidel Castro, cigar, cuban coffee, night life, scuba diving
Beautiful hotel in HolguĂ­n, Cuba. Image:
Whatever you’re political beliefs, Cuba is a country which has a population of friendly and warm to foreigners. This is reflected in their sexy dance, Salsa and Cuban typical cup of coffee, with unique taste and strong. If you prefer, you can try a very famous Cuban cigars in the world.

Cuba is beautiful, passionate and never less than fascinating. As the last bastion of world communism, this land of elegant towns and stunning beaches has achieved something of a cult status with travelers, writers and musicians, paying homage to its beauty and resilience.

Holiday and Adventure tips

Holiday in Bali, Adventure in Africa, Euro tour, USA tour, Holiday in Fiji, Backpackers, holiday tips, low cost airline, hotel resorts, rafting, scuba diving
A beautiful Hindu Temple in Bedugul, Bali. Image:
Probably you want a break from your busy life as an employee, even as an artist, entrepreneur or tired after you read the textbook as a doctoral student, then you need to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere so that you can escape from the pressure or stress. Why not go to a new place that does not exist in our own country.

Are you going on vacation to famous places like China, Paris, Monaco, Russia, Brazil, Tokyo, Myanmar, South Africa, Rome, Vietnam, or shopping in Singapore or New York and surfing in Bali?  Perhaps you have never visited Mount Bromo and Prambanan Temple in Java Island? 

What about you? What is your favorites place for holiday or adventure?

Raja Ampat is a true hidden paradise for scuba divers

hidden paradise, raja ampat paradise, diving site in raja ampat
Raja Ampat hidden paradise for divers. Image:
Maybe you've never dived in many beautiful places in the world such as diving in Bunaken, Derawan islands, Wakatobi, Great Barrier Reef, or in Bali. If you've never been to the dive sites, there will not be complete if you do not dive into Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.

Raja Ampat is a hidden paradise. Raja Ampat is breathtaking especially because seventy percent of the world's reefs are in Raja Ampat. Therefore, no wonder if Raja Ampat is the world famous dive sites. 

Fantastic Diving in Maratua

Underwater adventure 

diving in Maratua, holiday in Maratua island
Sunbathing in Gusung Island. Image:
If you've ever visited Bali, your holiday is actually quite complete, but if you still have more time, I suggest you to enjoy the beauty of the sea on the island of Maratua. The beauty of this island is not only supported by its natural beauty, but also everything that lives on this island. Maratua Island is including the outer islands in Berau, North East Kalimantan. The island is a popular tourist destination for marine tourism. 

Travelling in Maratua Island will not be memorable without jumping into the sea even if you only snorkel (sub surface) or shallow diving (skin diving). If you do not bring equipment, Maratua Paradise Resort prepare various kinds of equipment, such as the following master scuba diver diving mask, snorkel, frog legs (fins dive) and buoys.