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Fantastic Diving in Maratua

Underwater adventure 

diving in Maratua, holiday in Maratua island
Sunbathing in Gusung Island. Image:
If you've ever visited Bali, your holiday is actually quite complete, but if you still have more time, I suggest you to enjoy the beauty of the sea on the island of Maratua. The beauty of this island is not only supported by its natural beauty, but also everything that lives on this island. Maratua Island is including the outer islands in Berau, North East Kalimantan. The island is a popular tourist destination for marine tourism. 

Travelling in Maratua Island will not be memorable without jumping into the sea even if you only snorkel (sub surface) or shallow diving (skin diving). If you do not bring equipment, Maratua Paradise Resort prepare various kinds of equipment, such as the following master scuba diver diving mask, snorkel, frog legs (fins dive) and buoys.

Resorts in Maratua. Image:

When you snorkel, you can see the view of the water while swimming with your face facing the surface of the water and breathing through the snorkel equipment. For those who are good at scuba diving, you can rent a gas cylinder, oxygen masks, flippers and wet suits.

If you dive in Maratua, then the depth of the dive depends on the skills and experiences. For those who are experienced, they will be able to dive to the ocean floor that has a depth of 10-20 meters. In addition to relaxing in Maratua fun, you do not miss to enjoy the beauty of the islands is around Maratua like Gusung Island, Nabucco, Kakaban and Sangalaki Island. In these islands you can do interesting activities such as snorkeling, diving, sunbathing, walks to enjoy the beauty of the sea, eating seafood or meditated to find inspiration.

Maratua island located in Derawan and has been visited by Prince William eldest son of Prince Charles of England some time ago. The Prince was vacationing on a tropical island for two weeks. Prince William, husband of Kate Middleton is a fan of the underwater world. You can enjoy the beauty of the sea on the island Maratua though you just dive at a depth of two meters. It will be an amazing experience for anyone.
scuba diving in Maratua, diving, jelly fish in maratua
Diving with turtle. Image:

Sea creatures such as turtles and jellyfish brackish water are the main attraction in Maratua. Turtle Island migrate to other islands and back to Maratua and make this island as a place to eat and lay eggs. If elsewhere turtles only come to spawn or just to eat, but they do both Maratua. You can feel the sensation of swimming with these ancient creatures in the water so clear and shallow. You can also easily feed a turtle; you can even pose with a digital camera when you swim with the turtles.

jellyfish in maratua, diving in maratua island, villa in maratua
Touching jelly fish. Image:
Meanwhile, Kakaban is home to brackish water jellyfish. Jellyfish of this type exist in Indonesia. Characteristic of this jellyfish is very different from a jellyfish in other areas, and if you accidentally touch them you do not feel the itch in your skin. You do not need to be afraid at all holding these types of jellyfish, even with bare hands. This is the uniqueness of Maratua tough to beat in the world. You can take pictures while holding the Jellyfish in Maratua. This is a moment that you cannot do in other parts of the world because of jellyfish in other countries will sting you.

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Spectacular sunset. Image:
 Maratua natural scenery is beautiful. At dusk you will see the color red in the west. The beauty of this color makes Maratua Island coastal horizon like a beautiful painting of nature. From a resort off the coast, spectacular sunset looks very intriguing. 

This island has several world-class resorts that offer lodging that blends with the natural beauty of this island. You can choose to stay in a room that is built on the sea, so you can interact with nature and enjoy the beauty of the marine biota of the island Maratua.

If you are a true lover of natural beauty under the sea, you will not miss to dive or snorkel in Maratua. With experience diving in the waters of Bali and Maratua, then you can plan to dive in Raja Ampat, in the future. Raja Ampat is a hidden paradise in Papua, Indonesia. Are you ready for a real adventure?