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Amazing Holiday in Cuba

Salsa in Cuba, holiday in Cuba, historical site, Fidel Castro, cigar, cuban coffee, night life, scuba diving
Let’s Salsa, an exotic dance in Cuba. Image:
Cuba is one of the exotic countries in the world. The island is the largest in the Caribbean, rich in both colonial history and more modern events including the rise to power of General Castro and the exploits of Che Guevara.  Cuba is a famous country in politics, also thumb-thick cigars, Ernest Hemingway, Gloria Estevan, rum, salsa, Che Guevara in his black beret, and Cadillac’s that sag on their suspension in the streets are just a few of the icons of this emblematic place.
Salsa in Cuba, holiday in Cuba, historical site, Fidel Castro, cigar, cuban coffee, night life, scuba diving
Beautiful hotel in Holguín, Cuba. Image:
Whatever you’re political beliefs, Cuba is a country which has a population of friendly and warm to foreigners. This is reflected in their sexy dance, Salsa and Cuban typical cup of coffee, with unique taste and strong. If you prefer, you can try a very famous Cuban cigars in the world.

Cuba is beautiful, passionate and never less than fascinating. As the last bastion of world communism, this land of elegant towns and stunning beaches has achieved something of a cult status with travelers, writers and musicians, paying homage to its beauty and resilience.

Diving in Cuba, diving in Varadero, Jardines del Rey, Matanzas, Caribbean pirates ship, holiday in Cuba
Scuba diving in Varadero. Image:
Cuba is a real treasure trove, and has plenty of sunken pirate ships off the coast to prove it. The story of the Caribbean pirates has been filmed by Hollywood studios. In the south-easterly Holguín province, the beaches of Guardalavaca or Playa Pesquero tempt you to explore their dive sites. Caya Coco is strung on a band of tiny islands off the north coast, called the Jardines del Rey (King’s Gardens). Ringed by powdery white sands, it’s great for water sports. Varadero, in the north-western Matanzas province, is famed for its 20km of beautiful white sands. Come here to swim with dolphins, or visit the only golf course in the country.

Cuba’s weather is warm all year round, with the humidity at around 78%. Moderately subtropical, it has two seasons: rainy (May-October) and dry (November-April). If you’re looking to hit the tropical beaches, the best time to go to Cuba is in February and March. It's definitely before temperatures reach their high-humidity, low-30°Cs peak in July and August. The Best time to visit Cuba is February and March, but you can enjoy cigar, Cuban coffee and Salsa dance in all seasons.
Fidel Castro cigar, John F Kennedy, American car in Cuba, coffee in cuba
Fidel Castro and John F. Kennedy enjoy Cuban Cigar. Image:

Please remember this event: In May, the Hemingway Fishing Tournament takes place. It’s named after author and Havana resident Ernest Hemingway, who enjoyed plenty of fishing trips aboard his boat.

Wonderful nature in Cuba

If you’re ready to escape into a land that is rich in history and brimming with fun, then Cuba is for you. Surrounded by warm shallow waters and lush flora and fauna, Cuba is an ecosystem of new and exciting experiences.  Are you ready to enjoy a romantic tropical paradise? I believe this country is also romantic for honeymoon.

Historical site in Havana, museum, gallery, cultural event, Cuban coffee
Historical sites in Havana. Image:
Cuba rolls out all the Caribbean stereotypes. Enjoy White sand, warm seas, waxy palms – the whole shebang. Take Varadero – a two-hour drive east of Havana. Cuba’s most famous beach resort stretches its way along the Hicacos Peninsula, a ribbon of sand. Cuba’s fantastic beaches stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Varadero Beach is one of the most famous places to go in Cuba, where you’ll feel soft golden sands between your toes. In Holguín’s Guardalavaca or Playa Pesquero, and Cayo Coco in the Jardines del Rey, the sand takes on a brighter white hue. An average of 330 days of sunshine smile down on Cuba, so discover you a spot with plenty of sun to enjoy a refreshing Daiquiri or Mojito.

Che Guevara, historical site in Cuba, holiday in cuba, vacation in cuba, wonderful beach in Cuba
Che Guevara, an icon of Cuba on the wall. Image:
The beaches in Cuba are stunning and fantastic. Keep an eye out for the pink flamingos along the causeway, and explore the enormous coral reef off the north coast. 

Enjoy the Holguín’s clear Atlantic shallows with your snorkel, and dive into its reefs to marvel at its colorful underwater world. Don’t forget to bring your digital camera with underwater casing, so you can capture the most beautiful underwater scenery.  

If you visit Cuba, don’t forget to see historical monuments and cultural events. Start your explorations early with a glug of high-powered Cuban coffee and you’ll be ready to take in the sights of Holguín City, which offers some of the most appealing places to go in Cuba. It features host of museums, galleries, city squares, and monuments. If you’re visiting Cuba in summer, make sure you don’t miss July’s carnival, the Santiago de Cuba.
Night Life in Cuba, salsa, cabaret, resorts, holiday in Cuba, holiday in havana
Nightlife in Cuba. Image:
Cuba not only offers natural beauty and cigars, nightlife in Havana or in a variety of exotic beaches in Cuba are also very charming and will make you excited all night. Also enjoy a variety of drinks and delicious dishes, and be sure to watch the cabaret and the salsa, you can even dance with the Cuban girl. They are so beautiful and sexy.

If you’re all about dining on local gastronomies, then the resorts in Guardalavaca are sure to make you and your stomach happy. With a coastline that is full of fresh fish and lobster, the resorts here serve a fantastic variety of delicious cuisine. And of course, a distinctive Cuban coffee will brighten your holiday in this tropical country.