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Surfing on the Medewi Beach

 Bali is a beautiful tropical island; not only from the perspective of art, culture, customs and friendly locals, as well as the blessing of the Gods give natural beauty of Bali. If you go to Bali, you will see mountains, lakes, rivers, cliffs, terraced rice paddies, mild weather and many beaches have a unique character. Beaches in Bali are generally suitable for relaxing or sunbathing, diving, fishing and surfing.
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You may have heard the beaches in Bali such as Dreamland beach, Kuta, Sanur or Seminyak Beach located around the Badung regency. In addition to the Dreamland beach or Kuta beach, then you can also surf the Medewi.

 In general, Kuta beach and Medewi have the same characteristics, the weather is good and it also has large current surges, making it suitable for surfing. In addition, both the beach is also located in the south of Bali.  Kuta beach has white sand while Medewi black sandy beaches.

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Surfing in Medewi. Image:
Medewi beach is quite far from the city center, this beach is not much visited by tourists. This place is not the best beach for sunbathing, but the atmosphere on the beach was very comfortable and quiet, so the beach Medewi is an excellent place to relieve stress and relax without any distractions. Tourists visiting this beach are mostly foreign tourists who are looking for a new location for surfing. Maybe they are satisfied surfing at Kuta beach or Dreamland.
Spectacular sunset in Medewi. Imageby Panji Wibowo

Medewi Beach is located approximately 34 km to the west of Tabanan town. This beach is located in the village Medewi, Pekutatan, Jembrana regency, Bali. The beachfront location is a bit secluded, is near the Forest Ketket. In 1912, the forest near the beach was opened by local residents so that your access to get to the beach Medewi easier.

surfing in Dreamland Bali, surfing in Bali, surfing adventure
Surfing in Dreamland, Bali. Image: Putu Agung WP
Indeed, this beach is known as one of the best places to surf in Bali. Waves at Medewi can be enjoyed by all levels of skill of the surfer, both beginners and professionals. The best time to surf Medewi around July and August.

If you are a true fan of the sport surfing, then you need to stay on the beach for about two days. You do not need to worry because Medewi also has accommodation facilities such as hotels, restaurants, bathrooms and swimming pools. On the beach there are facilities near the hotel and spa that will pamper you after you surf. Enjoy the beauty of the sunset in Medewi. 

Medewi sunset views are also very beautiful as Kuta beach or beach Petitenget. You will have wonderful memories at this beach.