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Coffee tour in Bali

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Beautiful Coffee plantation in Bali. Image:
If you live in the U.S. or Europe might you begin to be familiar with the fantastic coffee from Indonesia, especially the Kopi Luwak? If you have not heard, then immediately rent a movie called Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson who plays a lonely millionaire who loved Kopi Luwak coffee from Sumatra, Indonesia. 

He does not know exactly why civet coffee is so tasty, has a different scent compare to the instant coffee and other coffee. He also does not know how to get there coffee with genre "Luwak".

In one of these scenes, eventually Jack was very surprised and ended up laughing out loud at Morgan Freeman's explanation about the process of "Kopi Luwak" or civet coffee. Are you also curious and want to know?

Kopi Luwak is assumed to be best coffee in the world due to its pureness. The reason this coffee reaches its popularity is due to something unique it has to offer. Kopi Luwak is very expensive; however you can try some sample on the coffee plantation in Kintamani, Bali. You don’t have to go to Sumatera to explore this rare coffee. If you are a fan of the Oprah Winfrey Show, you must have missed this one famous occasion when Oprah demonstrate and explain about civet coffee. Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman and Oprah Winfrey has made famous civet coffee throughout the continent.
kopi luwak, jack nicholson, bucket list
       Jack Nicholson drink civet coffee in a movie called Bucket List. Image:

This is a uniquely different coffee which is harvested as a by-product of a little possum-like creature known as the 'luwak' or 'Asian palm civet'. The luwak eats only the ripest coffee beans. While the beans pass through the digestive tract of the luwak, they undergo a special fermentation process that results in the distinctly flavored blend at the end of the line. Yes, the coffee is made from beans that have been voided by an animal. However the process is said to remove much of the bitterness of coffee leaving the famously smooth, rich blend.

A mammal called civet eats coffee beans and they are naturally fermented in the abdomen of this animal. After a couple of hours, coffee beans without outer skin come out along with feces of civet. Local farmers then take coffee beans among feces of civet. This process sounds shabby but not as what many people think about as feces of the mammals does not have pungent smell. Like other coffees, local farmers dry coffee beans and then ground them into coffee powder.

Civet coffee becomes very expensive because the mongoose is very picky. They just pick coffee beans "best" according to the taste of civet. That's why coffee farmers in Bali and Sumatra maintains many civet, mongoose and even rented from other farmers, and pay the "mongoose" to want to process their coffee beans.

Meanwhile, in Thailand there is a "new genre", in which the elephants also worked as a processor such as the civet coffee in Bali or Sumatra. It is said that there is a unique flavor to the coffee that is processed in the belly of the elephant. The process is almost certainly the same as civet coffee. The elephant dung coffee you can enjoy at a luxury resort in Chiang Rai and the Maldives Island, and you have to pay dearly to enjoy it.

If you want to enjoy the true civet coffee, you should see a coffee plantation in Kintamani, Bali. This plantation is cool and close to Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Mountain lakes and is known for its panoramic beauty and atmosphere different from the atmosphere of the beach in Kuta or Sanur.  

kopi luwak, coffee tour, coffee plantation tour, organic coffee, Jack Nicholson, civet coffee, bucket list,

                   When the civet choose the best coffee beans. Image:
In your garden this coffee you will be escorted by a special guide. The guides can tailor the trip so you can see everything you want during your visit. You will be invited to see the type of coffee and civet coffee process clearly, and then you are invited to sip a cup of civet coffee. Make sure you buy a few packs to take home; you will probably be given a special discount. In addition to Kintamani, you can also visit other coffee plantation in Bali, in Ubud and Pupuan.

You can also buy organic coffee without trial by the mongoose. Feel the thrill of civet coffee and organic coffee in Kintamani. According to research civet coffee has a very low acidity, making it safe and convenient for the stomach, especially for people who have a sensitive stomach to regular coffee. Luwak coffee is also believed to be useful to increase your libido.

After enjoying coffee in the garden tour you can spend the night at a hotel or lodging in Kintamani or on the banks of Lake Batur. Make sure you join the tour to climb Mount Batur next morning, very early so that you can witness the spectacular sunrise at the summit of Mount Batur. Wow

If you want to know more about the history of coffee and civet coffee in general, please visit the blog titled "Coffee and Beyond". In this blog there is also information about various aspects of coffee and tips to open a coffee shop. Are you interested in starting a coffee business?