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Fantastic Island in tropical paradise

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Adventure around the world

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Romantic Honeymoon in Paradise

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Chinese New Year holidays around the world

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Gong Xi Fa Cai in 2014, the Year of the HorseImage:
Our planet is actually very beautiful with cultural diversity, so that we can see a variety of festive events from various tribal, ethnic, religious and cultural variety of nations, such as the Chinese New Year, Japanese New Year, Balinese New Year (Nyepi), or Thanks Giving and so on. 

Although we do not participate we celebrate the significance of religion or culture of other nations, but the excitement and happiness that they feel, is a blessing for anyone. Openness between nations and respect each other will undoubtedly bring peace to all mankind.

Year of the Snake was soon replaced with the Year of the Horse in the late 2014's. A line up of exciting New Year celebration events await. Chinese New Year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. The Chinese year 4712 begins on Jan. 31, 2014.

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, a beautiful temple in Bali

Hindu temple in lake Beratan, Pura ulundanu beratan, Sad Kahyangan
If you go to Bali, you will feel the atmosphere of religious and sacred when you come to the temple, where Hindus in Bali to worship the Almighty God. There are a few temples that I recommend to you visit, from historical aspects, the sanctity and beauty. The beauty of the temples in Bali is not only due to its unique Balinese architecture, but also because the location was deliberately chosen by its founders. 

 There are six main temples (Sad Kahyangan) in Bali in addition to thousands of other temples that is easy to find in all the villages, in the fields, on the banks of the river, at the top of the hill and at the foot of the mountain, even a temple in every Balinese family home. I would definitely recommend you to visit Besakih, the largest temple in Bali, and Pura Tanah Lot is famous for standing on a rock and very beautiful at sunset, and many others like Pura Taman Ayun Temple, Pura Gowa Lawah or Jagadnatha in Denpasar. On this occasion I will tell you about the temple which is located on the shores of Lake Beratan, in the village of Candi Kuning, Bedugul, and Tabanan regency.

Fantastic Diving in Maratua

Underwater adventure 

diving in Maratua, holiday in Maratua island
Sunbathing in Gusung Island. Image:
If you've ever visited Bali, your holiday is actually quite complete, but if you still have more time, I suggest you to enjoy the beauty of the sea on the island of Maratua. The beauty of this island is not only supported by its natural beauty, but also everything that lives on this island. Maratua Island is including the outer islands in Berau, North East Kalimantan. The island is a popular tourist destination for marine tourism. 

Travelling in Maratua Island will not be memorable without jumping into the sea even if you only snorkel (sub surface) or shallow diving (skin diving). If you do not bring equipment, Maratua Paradise Resort prepare various kinds of equipment, such as the following master scuba diver diving mask, snorkel, frog legs (fins dive) and buoys.

Surfing on the Medewi Beach

 Bali is a beautiful tropical island; not only from the perspective of art, culture, customs and friendly locals, as well as the blessing of the Gods give natural beauty of Bali. If you go to Bali, you will see mountains, lakes, rivers, cliffs, terraced rice paddies, mild weather and many beaches have a unique character. Beaches in Bali are generally suitable for relaxing or sunbathing, diving, fishing and surfing.
surfing in Medewi, surfing in Bali
Surfing in Bali. Image:
You may have heard the beaches in Bali such as Dreamland beach, Kuta, Sanur or Seminyak Beach located around the Badung regency. In addition to the Dreamland beach or Kuta beach, then you can also surf the Medewi.

 In general, Kuta beach and Medewi have the same characteristics, the weather is good and it also has large current surges, making it suitable for surfing. In addition, both the beach is also located in the south of Bali.  Kuta beach has white sand while Medewi black sandy beaches.

Tirta Gangga a beatiful heritage in Bali

Bali is not just Kuta beach, Nusa Dua or Ubud. 
Bali is a very unique island. There are many great places in Bali. Don’t forget to visit the east side of this beautiful island to visit a Balinese heritage, Tirta Gangga.

Tirta Gangga, meaning holy water of the Ganges in Balinese, is one of the world's romantic gardens out of time. Gushing springs flowing from beneath an ancient Banyan tree and holy temple fill the myriad reflecting and swimming pools that grace the Water Palace.

Cremation in Bali

Bali after life. It's a very unique tradition in paradise.

 Bali is well-known because of the beautiful landscape, holly ceremony in Pura (temple), wedding ceremony, sunset in Kuta beach, sacred mountain, fire dance, handicraft, gamelan (Balinese music), also recognized with the majestic cremation ceremony. The tradition in Bali is started ngaben, cremation ceremony, upacara ngabenfrom birth until death. If you have free time in the near future don’t forget to take a tour to Bali, the last paradise on earth. You will see a lot of uniqueness of the Balinese ritual and ceremony. Make sure that you are not just stay in the Balinese Hotel in Nusa Dua or a beautiful villa in Ubud or Candi Dasa. You must take chance to see around Bali. Please ask your Balinese guide to find out about the ritual such as ceremony in Balinese temple or the cremation. You will enjoy a lot of Balinese art and culture directly with your own eyes.

Adventure in Nusa Penida

Fantastic Adventure in Bali.

Are you ready?

Bali is real fantastic for family holiday and adventure or outdoor sports. Bali also known as the "ISLAND OF A THOUSAND TEMPLE" a true paradise that is renowned worldwide, Bali attracts and endless stream of visitors because of thousand reasons "The Other Reason is The Dive Site" it's very fantastic and spectacular....

If you go to Bali don’t forget to try a real adventure in Nusa Penida. This small island located at across the Badung Strait from Bali's southern tip, offers some of the best diving to be found anywhere. But conditions around Penida and its two small sister islands-Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan-can sometimes are difficult, with unpredictable currents reaching four or more knots.