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Holidays and adventure on the island of Lombok

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Sunbath in Gili Trawangan. Image:
If you are fed up with the congestion of the city, bored at work, headache thinking about the business, or bored with the routine of your life, then it is time you charge your soul and your body in a new atmosphere. I know you desperately need a vacation for a week or more.

 If you've never been to Paris, New York, Tokyo or South Africa, I suggest you to vacation and adventure, even enjoying a delayed honeymoon. Now is the time you redeem your appointment with your wife. Besides Bali, then I suggest to visit Lombok Island.

The wonderful Pink Beach, Lombok Timur. Image:
The island is often referred to as the sister of the island, due to its proximity to Bali; you can cross from Bali to Lombok by ferry or by airplane. If you go to a travel agent, then you will be offered to stay at Senggigi Beach.

Senggigi Beach is a famous tourist spot in Lombok. Its location on the west coast of the island of Lombok, but Lombok also has exotic beaches like Kuta Beach, Senggigi Beach, and Pink Beach in Lombok Timur.

Gunung Rinjani, the highest mountain in Lombok. Image:

Pink Beach is located in Desa Temeak, Serewe Village, Jerowaru district, East Lombok, or 82 kilometers southeast of the city of Mataram. You will be fascinated by the color of sand at the Pink Beach because it's pink, the color is very rare. Usually the color of sand on the beach is black or white.

Local people call it Pantai Tangsi, although the name is increasingly disappearing by the name Pink Beach. This beach called pink because white sand mixed with fragments of red coral. If exposed to sea water, and the afternoon or morning sun, sand grains subtly changes color to pink. Reportedly, there are seven beaches in the world are pink sand as in the Bahamas. You can also find pink beach on Komodo Island. You should not miss the beauty of this beach if you are in Lombok.
Pura Lingsar, Taman Narmada, Hindu temple in Lombok
Main gate of Pura Lingsar. Image:

Underwater adventure
Lombok is not only famous for the beauty of its beaches, or the grandeur of Mount Rinjani and Segara lake Anakan or as a blend of art and culture of Bali and Sasak (Lombok ethnic inhabitants). Bali does have a great influence on art and culture in Bali Lombok because Lombok once ruled by a kingdom of Bali., so you will see the Balinese community, place of worship or temple of Balinese Hindu. They live in harmony with native Lombok Islamic and Buddhist communities, Christian and Catholic.

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Diving in Gili Islands. Image:
If you have visited several historic temples in Lombok such as Taman Narmada, Pura Batu Bolong or Lingsar, then you also need to cross over to Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Three islands (Gili Trio) have been enchanting young honeymooners and scuba sports fans. 

You will enjoy the natural beauty of such fascinating underwater coral reefs, sea turtles, stingrays or manta ray and a variety of beautiful tropical fish. If you are a fan of surfing, the beach in Lombok has some good waves for surfing and can test your adrenaline.

Souvenirs and Culinary Tour

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Beautiful hotel in Lombok. Image:
Arts and cultural activities in Lombok Sasak also is very interesting, such as dance, earthenware vessels, and you should not miss to enjoy typical meals such as Grilled Chicken Taliwang, and the most famous spicy  Pelecing Kangkung (watercress), sea food, Chinese food, European Food or Indonesian cuisine. Don't forget to buy souvenirs during your holiday in Lombok island. 

 Lombok has had a good tourism infrastructure, there has now International airport, various luxury hotels and a variety of lodging for the various rates, from the most expensive to the most affordable rates, even backpackers would also be happy if vacationing in the island. Such as in Bali, Thailand or Yogyakarta, will also get the backpackers paradise on this island because there are a lot of budget accommodation. The travelers on a budget will also be satisfied with the food that is also affordable.