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Holiday and Adventure tips

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A beautiful Hindu Temple in Bedugul, Bali. Image:
Probably you want a break from your busy life as an employee, even as an artist, entrepreneur or tired after you read the textbook as a doctoral student, then you need to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere so that you can escape from the pressure or stress. Why not go to a new place that does not exist in our own country.

Are you going on vacation to famous places like China, Paris, Monaco, Russia, Brazil, Tokyo, Myanmar, South Africa, Rome, Vietnam, or shopping in Singapore or New York and surfing in Bali?  Perhaps you have never visited Mount Bromo and Prambanan Temple in Java Island? 

What about you? What is your favorites place for holiday or adventure?

Holiday in Bali, Adventure in Africa, Euro tour, USA tour, Holiday in Fiji, Backpackers, holiday tips, low cost airline, hotel resorts, rafting, scuba diving, the dragon inn, hobbit
The Green Dragon Inn, Inn of the Hobbits in New Zealand. Image:

Peru, Argentina, Maldives Island, Australia or Fiji is also very attractive wonderful holiday destination. I love Bali and New Zealand.  

If you are on vacation in New Zealand, you can visit the location of filming of The Lord of the Rings, for example, you can take pictures at The Green Dragon Inn is a replica of the inn that featured in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.
Holiday in Bali, Adventure in Africa, Euro tour, USA tour, Holiday in Fiji, Backpackers, holiday tips, low cost airline, hotel resorts, rafting, scuba diving, Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu temple of the sun in Peru. Image:
For a newlywed couple, you can bring your spouse to a romantic place and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the island of Bali, the historic Prague, or feel the beauty of the mountains in Austria or see extraordinary animals in Africa. United State of America is also great place for holiday. You can enjoy fantastic sites such as Universal Studio, Disney Land, Hollywood and many interesting places.

If you are have a strong spirit as an adventurer, you can become backpackers so with a certain amount of money you can visit many beautiful places within a month or more. Many people do the adventure alone or with their best friend who has the same hobbies and. Many people enjoy the holiday as backpackers.
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Safari in the African wild. Image:
 Are you among those who want to feel great holiday experience in an atmosphere of adventure? Don’t forget to search information on the Internet to find information about backpackers tips. There are many backpackers community who are ready to provide you with information about vacation spots, inexpensive hotels, low cost airline, inexpensive car rental, restaurant and cafe with delicious food but you simply pay a low price for food and drinks. Probably you could vacation together with them.

Several important things you should do before the overseas holiday.

When you consult with a travel agent, you will be given many options such as romantic cities and exotic islands in the country or other continent. Maybe you only see the exotic places in travel magazines or on television documentaries. Please choose the best holiday destination that match to your dream and budget.

You can enjoy holiday as regular tourist or backpackers, even a luxurious vacation in the best tourist resorts with first class airline. It’s up to you. Don’t worry my friend; you can enjoy spa, rafting, surfing, scuba diving, yoga and other fantastic adventure in affordable price if you can make a good bargain or special discount during the low season. Why not?
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A photo session of backpackers. Image:
 Whatever option, you should choose tour operators who already have a good reputation. If you choose Middle East or Africa, don’t forget to consult with your doctors to get anti meningitis vaccine before you go to these exotic countries. If you are on vacation to certain countries in Africa or South America, you may also need anti-malaria medicine so that you stay healthy you on his return from the region.
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Shopping in New York City. Image;
Also make sure your passport is still valid, and consult carefully whether you can visit countries with visa-free or visa required special when you come to a country which does not have diplomatic relations with our country. Attention to the legal aspects of a country is also very important so that you can vacation comfortably without legal disturbance or visa problems. Do you have plans to vacation in North Korea or Cuba?

You can make booking a vacation online or you prefer to book a holiday package directly at the travel agent's office.

It's a good idea to ask for advice to a family member or friend who already had an experiences holiday abroad. They will give good information so you can enjoy the holidays without having problems. Don’t forget to bring your new digital camera to capture many wonderful moments during your exiting holiday and adventure.